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About Us

Bethel High School Mission Statement:

Our mission is to cultivate lifelong learners by providing all students with the opportunity to learn at high levels and reach personal and educational goals by all means necessary.

Contact Us

22215 38th Avenue East
Spanaway, WA 98387
Phone: 253.800.7000
Fax: 253.800.7098

Principal: Christy Rodriguez

Assistant Principal: Chelsea Baker, student last names: A-Gr

Assistant Principal: Jenny Appel, student last names: Gu-Oz

Assistant Principal: Leisha Bonine, student last names: P-Z

Associate Administrator/Athletic Coordinator: Tyson Lowry

Associate Administrator: Mike Chappel


Secretary: Ali Doolittle


ASB: Ericka Silverio

Counseling Office Receptionist: TBD


Malissa Wiggins, student last names: A - Cr 

Kimberly McCann, student last names: Cu - Hi

Zhariah Parker, student last names: Hi-Mi

Janeen Covell, student last names: Se - Z

Laural Wolff, student last names: Mo - Sc

Not sure who to call? Please click on this link and follow the flow-chart! Thank you!