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Roy Lockley III

Football - Western Oregon University

Congratulations to Roy Lockley III for his commitment and signing his Letter of Intent to attend Western Oregon University.  Roy will pursue a degree in business while playing college football.

Roy has played football all 4 years, and the last 3 as a member of the Bethel Bison Football program.  He was also named as an SPSL 4A All League 1st Team Running Back for the 2023 season.  Roy is also a member of the Track and Field team.  He made the decision to attend Western Oregon because he loved the campus environment, and the coaching staff made him feel like he was part of their family.

Roy is most excited about having the ability to work toward his college degree, and experience the next chapter in his life.  He says, "It's all going to work out!"  His favorite experience was being with the guys, but most importantly being able to help lead the football clinic for our family, friends and the Bethel community.  It was great to connect with everyone and it was an opportunity to create and lead a new culture with our football team.

Roy is most appreciative of being a part of many opportunities at Bethel High School.  He's grateful for his parents who have always kept him on track and guiding him to be a good person.  He is also appreciative for his trainer, and his ability to influence his football mentality and life in general.  He would also like to thank Bethel High School, his friends and teachers who have allowed him to enjoy his experience here.

His parents are very proud of the young man Roy has become and challenge him to have fun, be successful, and go get some on the field.  They are very excited to see him excel in the next chapter of his life, and always remember that things happen for a reason, and it is a part of the journey.   Coach Domser and Coach Talen said that he has helped to set the tone for our program and our district.  His loyalty and dedication to hard work is why he's been as successful as he is. 

Congratulations Roy!